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Dolly's Story

When I was 18 months old (that's me in the photo, back then) I was eating the very best premium grade dog food my family could find, it came from the vet. Then I hurt my hip playing with my bff Scott and found myself in a lot of pain.

I saw the vet and it turned out I had inflammation that caused arthritis in my joints, they thought it might be partly because I played so rough. So I got some pain killers (and I heard the vet whisper to my family that they were a short term fix and I'd likely be paralysed in 12 to 18 months!!!).

Lucky for me, my family thought my diet might be the problem. They started researching and created a new and different human grade breakfast just for me and within just weeks I didn't need any more painkillers. I could run and play and I had no pain.

That was 9 years ago (I'm 11 years old now)—and I still 💛❤️💘my Happy Dog Breakfast every morning, plus I get a meal of human grade meat at night. I also get veggies, occasionally chicken and a soft bone to chew on. That's basically what I eat unless I can also scrounge a treat or two.

Now, I'm full of energy, no joint pain, play like a pup, and that's pretty good for an 11-year-old Labrador! I reckon your dog will be that way too, Scott eats the same as me and he's just as healthy and happy as I am.