Italian Greyhound lives in high-rise

My Italian Greyhound (Bella) is loving her Happy Dog Breakfast. It's such a healthy way for her to start the day. She loves the taste and scoffs it down each morning.

It keeps her healthy, active and her coat is so soft. 
We love this product and highly recommend it!

The Bella back story:

Bella Griffiths-Banning came into our lives in December 2014 and we now can’t imagine life without her!

We had lost our 19 year old Oriental cat earlier that year and it was a recommendation from a friend that we try and fill that huge gaping hole in our hearts with an Italian Greyhound.

And fill it, Bella did!

She is a quirky little princess, who always gets her own way and has us completely in love with her. She has only ever lived in an apartment and she’s a city girl (she loves nothing more than a trot down Queen Street in her favourite outfit at peak hour).

She is a beautiful soul, and very friendly, although she has not got a lot of love for German Shepherds, Border Collies and toddlers who come at her with squeals and open arms!

We were told Iggy’s were bred to hunt small game and as bed warmers for the aristocrats… The small game is a fail for Bells, but the bed-warmer – well at that she is an EXPERT!

And Iggy’s are usually twitchy and reserved, but our Bella is a social butterfly!

German Shepherds and Border Collies
Noisy toddlers
The wind!
Loud live music
Fireworks and thunder
Getting out of bed in the morning

Showers and massages with Mum
Humans, taller than 2 feet [😂]
Food, food, food – especially her Happy Dog Breakfast; vegetables and bacon
Road trips in the car
Putting on a pretty bandana and heading to a café
Getting her photo taken (she is an Instagram star)
Home & Away, weeknights at 7pm!
Soft acoustic live music (violins, guitars)
Going to the markets
The lizards and ducks at the Botanic Gardens
Afternoon walks with us

Lyn, mum of Bella (inner Brisbane)

[Bella's on Insta @bellagriffithsbanning and there's a reason she's living the high life—her parents are the duo behind Amazing Apartments

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