Jess & Brock

Two happy rescue staffy dogs

Just wanted to say thank you very much for our order. This is our second bag and both our Jess and Brock really love the breakfast.

We have noticed that Jess our 15 year old Staffy benefits from the breakfast, we've had her since 2011 and she's always had an issue with going to the toilet. Since starting your product Jess hasn't had any issues. So, once again thank you very much. 

The Jess & Brock back story:

We adopted Jess as a mature dog. When she was a puppy, the people she lived with separated and the lady asked one of our friends to look after Jess for a time, and never returned. Our friends looked after her for 7 years, but she was a handful as she was fighting all the time with their other female dog.

Jess came into our lives when my husband’s mother was dying, so she helped my husband heal his grief.

We adopted Brock two years ago when Jess became lonely and depressed because our neighbours and their Staffy that Jess loved (and he loved her) moved away. She needed another dog to keep her company.

Tess, mum of Jess & Brock (rescue Staffies, Jess is 15 y/o - Fitzgibbon, Brisbane)


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