Maltese-ShihTzu mixed breed

We found our Molly didn’t want to eat the food at all as a porridge mix, but with it mixed into premium human mince from the butchers we make what we call “Molly Burgers” which end up as a 1/3rd of a cup measure patty, which we freeze, then heat just slightly once they have defrosted in the fridge overnight to not cook them but ensure they are not burger-cicles. These she consumes with no issues, one in the morning, one in the evening. They are about half and half meat and mix, maybe a bit more mix than meat. 

She loves her Molly Burgers and we have just bought the bigger pack of mix to make up more.

We have noticed Molly doesn’t have smelly poo, she is brighter and happier, she is definitely a bit more energetic and I think the new food has done the world of good for her, so thanks!

[great workaround for picky pups 🐶👏]

Molly is a 10-year-old mixed breed sold to us as a Maltese - ShihTzu. But the vet says she has Jack Russell, Terrier and a few other breeds! 

She is part dog, part human, and 100% fun to be around. She is a very calm sort of pooch, and enjoys walks, a swim in the creek and a car ride when she can and her pool in the heat.

 Bruce, dad of Molly (she's 10 y/o and lives in Arana Hills, Brisbane)

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