Beautiful 4yo German Shepherd, Brisbane

I bought my first 4.5 kg bag of breakfast goodness at the Samford markets in early February [2020] for my 4 yr old German Shepherd Nala. Initially I was apprehensive at the cost.

I’m no longer worried about the cost because even factoring in the mince at night we come out even with the poor nutritional food I was giving her before even though it was highly recommended by vets and the breeders.

I just had Nala’s 12 month check up and the vet was blown away with her free movement of back leg joints and weight loss of 10kg. She has no hip worries but was showing niggles in winter which is why I sought alternatives. She now shows no signs whatsoever and is at her prime weight.

I must admit for the first 4 weeks she thought I was starving her but that is because she was used to eating fillers but now she is fine. She has so much energy now. I give her 3/4 cup breaky mix with water and a bit of tuna for breakfast. 2 frozen chicken necks in an ice block a couple of times a week (only because she needs a distraction when I leave for work) and 200g of mince with a 1/2 cup of stewed veggies at night.

I just wanted to say thank you so you know you are making a difference in our fur puppy’s life. ❤️

Nereida, mum of Nala (4 y/o German Shepherd, Brisbane)