American Staffy x Lab, Nelson

I thought it was time I told you about my old boy, Nelson. He’s 10 - American Staffy x Lab.

Nelson has been dearly loved over his 10 years and gets a liberal, varying diet of human grade raw & cooked meat, brown rice, grains and veggies. Roast chook is still his all-time fave! I was already avoiding foods with chemicals.

About 6 months ago, we noticed that something was wrong. Nelson had stopped jumping, playing. He couldn’t jump into the car and was taking stairs 1 at a time (rather than bounding up 6+ stairs in one jump). He was turning into an old man. We took Nelson to the vet and we were offered an expensive lifetime treatment of arthritis medication. Oh no!

One of my work friends recommended Happy Dog. To be honest, Nelson doesn’t love the breakfast, but after reading the reviews, I persisted. Now I incorporate Happy Dog Breakfast into his dinner. Am I glad I persisted!!!

Nelson is back to his 5 year old self. He can scratch his ears, play tug of war, take 6 stairs at a time and will jump into the big truck for rides. Plus back yard zoomies are back.. It had been so long since he zoomed – We forgot they existed!

We actually ran out for a week or so and Nelson got slower... We’re 100% certain it’s Hey Happy Dog that’s improved his health. And we never gave him the arthritis meds.

Seeing him in pain and knowing that he would be on medication for the last of his years just broke my heart. So I just want to say thank you. The products you’ve made have brought my puppa back to his usual bouncy, happy self. Plus his mumma & papa are less worried about his pain levels. Phew!

Celeste, Nelson's mum (10 y/o American Staffy x Lab - Holland Park, Brisbane) 

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