Oscar who has just turned 12yrs highly recommends the porridge personally (see below). He was quite ill for a couple of weeks when we started hey happy dog. The vet made a strict kibble and no treats for the rest of his life diagnosis. So I was nervous going back to a raw diet that we were fairly new to, and the porridge.

What I would love any potential customers to know is that not only will you get a beautiful product, but amazing customer service way beyond. The first porridge was delivered and we were given lots of information and tips and the offer of support if needed. I needed it.

Oscar had a bit of a detox getting rid of all the unnatural food, chemicals and preservatives from all the years of kibble. I panicked a little, but they spent the time to return emails and numerous calls on the phone talking me through all my concerns and giving support. I even got follow up emails checking in with me. The hey happy dog crew are people who really care about your dogs and helping you, I could feel the love. 

Oscar’s coat is shinier than before if that is possible, the dragging of the back leg on a walk has gone, and there's only a little glimpse of limping in his front leg from arthritis. And we haven’t been using the porridge for long. He would always throw up some of his kibble and water quite regularly on kibble, has not done this since being on the porridge and a raw diet.  

We were so concerned about him when he was ill that we contacted an animal communicator. She can’t believe the difference from the first reading to the last, her words are 'he is just a different dog (since being on the porridge)'. She felt him as almost puppy like and playful, and we have witnessed the new energy. 

Best of all, when asked about the porridge, the mouth started to water and Oscar said I love it, I want more, give me more of everything. That’s a pretty great recommendation, coming straight from the dog itself.

Nicole, mum of Oscar (12 y/o rescue, Springwood, Brisbane) 

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