Roxy & Minnie

Two happy adventurous dogs

Both Roxy (left) and Minnie (right) say thank you very much for delivering their breakfast to them. In Brisbane we came across the Happy Dog Breakfast at the markets and both Minnie and Roxy love it—a big thank you for helping them with their ailments. They send smooches to you all and keep well at this [covid-19] time xx.

The Roxy & Minnie back story

Roxy is Minnie's mother and Minnie can be quite bossy at times! Our doggies were born in New Zealand and flew with us to Western Australia—we first lived in Busselton by the beach which they loved with lots of fishing done on Barry's days off, and they've taken on the job of keeping the birds away from the bait. After Busselton it was then up to Kununurra where we all lived for three years. Adventures such as swimming with the crocodiles; going on walks; road trips; more fishing with Barry ... and don't dare go out in the car without them, even if it's just to Bunnings!

When we were living in Kununurra, we road tripped with Roxy and Minnie to Brisbane; five days’ drive but they loved it. Every time they saw a wallaby, they were out the window barking letting Barry know to look out ... they do have the life!

Renata (Alexandra Hills)

[Yup, they sure do 🐕🐕🌊🎣💙💯]

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