Tigger & Moet

Two very loved senior poodles

I just want to say thank you for an awesome product. My poodles are 16 (Tigger) & 12 (Moet) and they are both doing so well on this product.

Tigger has had irritable bowel and suffered every couple of weeks with runny poo and the worst gurgling tummy. Since being on your product he has had neither which I am so excited about. He is also blind, deaf & very anxious, and I truly believe by having a happier tummy he is having a better quality of life.

Moet is also doing so well and also enjoying his food, better poos, happier tummy and I think better energy. Moet has a very bad heart condition and on lots of medication which he will be for the rest of his life; however I think this change of diet is also giving him better quality of life as he has a better gut, and overall seems happier.

Thanks again for coming up with an awesome product.

A little back story:

Tigger is the black poodle & Moet the champagne poodle (hence the name lol)

I actually heard about your product from the receptionist at my chiropractor. I was sitting waiting to see Sharon (Chiro) and listening to you [Kim] speak about the product as the receptionist had a new puppy. My ears pricked up and I asked her what was the product she was speaking with you about, mentioned Tigger has a funny tummy and I was curious.

I went on line and here we are today, using one of the best products I have come across.

Christine, Tigger & Moet :) Mount Cotton, Queensland