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Hello Dolly!


Well, when I was 2 years old (that's me in the photo) I was eating the very best premium grade dog food my family could find.

Then I hurt my hip playing with my bff Scott and found myself in a lot of pain. I saw the vet and it turned out I had arthritis and inflammation in my joints, which was partly my fault for playing too rough. So I got some pain killers (and I heard the vet whisper to my family that they were a short term fix and I'd probably have to be put down in a year or two!).

Lucky for me, my family thought my diet might be the problem. They started researching and created a new and different human grade breakfast just for me.

I admit it took me a couple of weeks to really get on board with the new taste (I usually got a little something extra with my breakfast, a sardine or two or an egg or a bit of mince), but within a couple of months I didn't need any more pain killers and I started to feel like a pup again. I could run and play and I had no pain.

That was 7 years ago—I still 💛❤️my Happy Dog Breakfast every morning, plus I get a meal of human grade meat at night. And occasionally chicken, fish and a bone to chew on. That's basically what I eat unless I can also scrounge a treat or two.

Now, I'm full of energy, no joint pain, play like a pup, and that's pretty good for a 9 year old dog! I reckon your dog will be that way too (Scott eats the same as me and he's just as healthy and happy as I am.)

2019 🐾  



When we got that prognosis, we weren't ready to let go of Dolly. So we got busy looking for the cause. The vet thought it was the rough play, but it wasn't. She plays just as rough now as she did then, and she's doing great.

It was the food. We found that the 'premium' dog food we'd been feeding her was not only devoid of nutrition (that was bad enough!), but the fillers, additives and emulsifiers were literally poisoning her! The guilt we felt was pretty awful.

But on the positive side, we found a solution.

Turned out some gut-healing arthritis-busting darlings of the human health food world are great for dogs too! And the formula that saved Dolly's life (Happy Dog Breakfast) is packed with them. Combined with a daily fresh human-grade meat meal it took away her pain (+ ours, it was an awful experience) and brought back her joy.

Also—it never bothered Dolly, but we sure appreciated that her breath and her poos didn't smell bad any more. Bonus!!!

We wish you happy times and good health!

— the HHD family 💛 💛