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What is Happy Dog Breakfast (HDB)?

HDB is a raw, good-grain-rich human-grade breakfast food that’s just for dogs, with ingredients that work separately and in tandem to produce and maintain pure health + vitality.
The food is dry-packaged and needs to be water-moistened at a ratio of about 1:1 before serving.

How do I prepare HDB?

Just add water! Feeding your dog healthy food doesn’t come any easier.
Ideally HDB should soak overnight to activate the goodness, but 5—10 minutes works too. And sometimes if you're running short of time, it can be served within moments of moistening.

As a rule of thumb, use equal parts dry food and water.
You can even mix enough for 3 days and store in the frig. Either way, breakfast sorted!

What does HDB do?

HDB in the morning and raw meat at night balances the gut biome.
The fibre and nutrients in HDB produce healthy gut flora, and when the gut biome is balanced everything else works:

  • immunity increases
  • energy increases
  • focus increases
  • weight regulates (thanks fibre!)
  • inflammation reduces
  • anxiety reduces
  • stiff and aching joints are relieved 
  • skin and coat issues are resolved—coats are shinier
  • breath doesn’t smell and poos are so much better

Why are the good grains so important?

Best question! Good grains with lots of fibre (like our barley, oats & chia) nourish and repair the gut.
A dog’s gut thrives on enzymes from natural raw proteins + fibre and nutrients that can only be obtained from good grains.

When the gut is healthy, everything else falls into place. Nutrients are absorbed, pro-biotic function is increased, vitality, focus and life-joy increase or return.

There's more about our ingredients here.

Why not kibble and other processed foods? 

Most kibble and/or processed foods are
high-heat extruded and contain wheat, sugar, corn, fillers, soy, legumes, preservatives, chemicals, artificial colours & flavours to mention just the obvious.

Those nasties are absorbed through the gut and contaminate the blood that feeds the joints, brain, nerves, skin, coat, etc. The blood permeates all the points that should make them vital and healthy, but instead makes them gradually sore and sick. Goodness is drained, and the immune system eventually succumbs to the many diseases that vets see so often in today’s doggy world.

Is HDB good for all dogs—puppies to seniors?

Absolutely yes! It's a gentle food that's wonderful for growing up, growing old, and everything in between.

Is HDB a sole source of nutrition for my dog?

HDB's natural plant-rich ingredients should make up about 25%—30% of your dog’s daily food, and the balance should come from pure animal protein sources.

Neither a full HDB diet or a full meat diet are species-appropriate on their own, but together they’re nutritional magic!

Why is the HDB / raw animal protein combination so good?

Long story short – when good grains* are fed, separately and synergistically with fresh raw animal protein, the gut biome flourishes and the blood is able to do its rejuvenating, replenishing work. Anti-inflammatory grains (because grains ain’t grains) with raw meat lead to vitality, happier playtimes, more restful sleep, more focused attention, increased calm and sharper mental ability.

How much does HDB cost?

Dollar-wise, we're committed to keeping HDB (and our treats) affordable and commercially competitive so that no-one is priced out of feeding their dog good health.

Here's a closer look, but as a broad overview, breakfast for a medium sized dog of say 30kg, a 1/2 cup serving costs between $1.20 and $1.90 depending on the size of the pack.

Cumulative-value in terms of health and happiness is, as they say, priceless.  


Can I feed HDB in the evening instead of breakfast?

We suggest morning because the gut is empty and receptive at that time. But it’s a great evening meal too; the slow-release ingredients satisfy and sustain a lovely night’s sleep. (Just make sure your dog still gets a meal of raw protein every day.)

How much should I feed my dog?

We feed Dolly, who is a rather large Labrador (37kg, 9 y/o with a typical Lab appetite J) a little more than ½ a cup per day plus about 200grams of fresh raw protein, and she stays slim with a nicely defined ‘waist’.

But some small dogs have big appetites and will want disproportionately large servings. It’s a judgement call and may take a little time to observe their weight and how they metabolise the food. You might like to check out our guide here.

What if my dog doesn’t like it?

Dogs usually think HDB is delicious right up, but sometimes they're wary of the new taste or texture and need a transitioning period.

Suggestions are on the packet but you know your own dog, so just adapt and let them take all the time they need—gradually add and increase portions of something healthy that they love to their meal till they're on full HDB. (You could try an egg, honey, yogurt, or a few sardines—a gob of peanut butter works a treat!) The good news is: their gut will still be happy dancing, even when they're only eating small amounts of HDB per day.

Can I add other foods? My dog loves variety.

Don't we all! Our dogs love it when we add little extras. They lap up the sweetness of steamed veggies (broccoli, peas & carrots for them), sardines canned in spring water, a dob of unsweetened yogurt, or a protein topper.

The great thing is, they won't be overdosing on added artificial vitamins or anti-nutrients.

Where is HDB made and how should I store it?

HDB is blended in small batches in a facility that also manufactures cereals for humans. It is shelf-stable for 12 months after packaging, but best kept in a cool dry place and resealed after opening.

What if I forget to buy meat for the evening meal?

Sometimes, you just don’t have fresh meat on hand for the evening meal. For those times there are some excellent air-dried, slow-dehydrated or freeze-dried pure meat products (no glycation from high-temp cooking) that you could keep in the pantry. Email us if you’d like recommendations.


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