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Big news! Rosehip enriched option now available! Shop Now  (and save 5% on recurring orders 🎉 )

Want to automate your HDB order?

We're so glad this looks like something that might work for you and we hope it makes your life a tiny bit simpler! (Already a subscriber? Log in here)

First, the benefits!
You get 5% off the price of all orders + we add two bags of our wonderful treats to your first order (value $29). Save time, effort and money—that's a win.

Here's how it works:
You're in super-easy control. You can manage your subscription from any device; just log in to your account to see all your upcoming orders, and choose from the prompts. You can change the date | change the frequency | pause the subscription | skip an order | or cancel, each with a single click. (If you don't have an account yet, that's easy too: just go to log in and Create.)

You'll get a notice 3 days before each order is due to be processed (plenty of time to tweak) and the package is then shipped to you via our usual carrier.

Here's how to start:
1. Simply shop for your Happy Dog Breakfast as usual, and click the 'Subscribe & Save' button.

2. Choose a delivery frequency, but don't worry too much about getting the sequence perfect. You can bring it forward or slow it down later if your guesstimate isn't right or if things change for you. And we reach out to you a week before your second order to check on timing and give help if you want. 💛

3. Continue with checkout, just as you would with any other order.

On the go or need assistance? No problem!
We can't go into your account but if, for any reason at all, you'd like us to adjust your subscription dates, we are able to do that on your instructions. Just email or call/text 0412 024 637 (Kim) and, as always, if ANYTHING turns out to be tricky, we'll sort it!

Thank you so much for checking out this page and for being part of our awesome community!

Happy subscribers Blue & Max; you can see more of this fabulous duo and their pawrents here.