Rescue dog Suzie

We got to chat with Suzie's mum Carol about this lovely girl:

Hey, Carol, how did you and Suzie meet?
Our dog had passed away, so we decided to get a rescue dog. We went up to the animal shelter in Cleveland and had a look around. I liked the look of this little dog named Suzie, who was 14 months old, and I thought she loved me too because she was leaning on me—though I later learnt that this is a dominance trait lol!

She was disastrous when we got her. The first night she wouldn’t come near us and when we woke up the first morning it was like World War III had happened in our backyard—she’d chewed up everything!

Rescue dog Suzie

So then came the training process… She passed with flying colours, and even got an award: the Oscar for best performer, as every time she didn’t want to do something she’d pretend she’d been bitten by ants! It took a lot of hard work and tears, but she is a totally different dog now, three years on.

What’s the best thing about her?
She’s so loyal to me. She’s a really happy dog, and so smart and obedient.

Rescue dog Suzie and her mum

Does she have any funny or strange habits?
She eats her breakfast in her crate lying down. She’s also a real sook: When you take her walking, if she gets something caught in her paws or if she stands on a bindi, she never barks or cries, she just stops and lifts her paw and you have to stop and pull the bindis out. She also drinks out of a bucket rather than a bowl, and she sings for her supper!

Yep! When we feed her in the evenings we sing ‘How much is that doggy in the window’ and she goes ‘woof, woof!’

Please tell us you have this on video!
We don’t, actually. But we should. She’s got a lot of funny habits. She is quite the character!

Funny dog Suzie

What’s her favourite breakfast?
Usually half Happy Dog Food and half kibble, with a little bit of yoghurt on top and some frozen blueberries. She loves frozen blueberries. But not fresh ones! She loves the Happy Dog Food and always gobbles it down.

Before starting her on Happy Dog Food, we were forever at the vet with her because she had anal gland issues and was always getting ear infections. But since she’s been having Happy Dog cereal for breakfast, she hasn’t been back to the vet for either issue, which is wonderful. She’s super healthy, and a lot of people comment on how beautiful and shiny her coat is.

If you could describe Happy Dog Food to someone in three words, what would they be?
Healthy, delicious and easy.

Taking care of your (and your pets’) health is clearly important to you. But let’s be honest—we all have cheat days. What’s your guilty pleasure? And what’s Suzie’s?
A ham, cheese and tomato toastie for me—or a meat pie for dinner! Suzie gets a beef ear as a treat every Saturday night, and she bounces around like a lunatic for it.

Sounds like a treat indeed! What difference has having Suzie made to your life?
She’s made me healthier and more active. She’s great company and I learnt a lot from training her—I have actually taught her sled dog commands after seeing these used in Alaska!

Thanks for sharing, Carol and Suzie!