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How do I prepare HDB? 

Easy peasy:

🥣 measure into pupper's bowl and add warm water (about equal parts of each)

⏱ let stand for a few minutes

👌 serve

It's not necessary, but if you feel like treating (and surprising :)) them, you can add favourite foods. Breakfast and a great day ahead sorted!

For seniors and fragile dogs (any dogs really), a longer overnight soak will give that little bit more comfort and love to their gut. And here's a popular prep hack: mix a week's supply and store in the fridge.

Is HDB good for puppies?

Yes! It's a gentle food that's wonderful for growing up, growing old, and everything in between.

How much should I feed my dog?

Depends. Some small dogs have big appetites and will want disproportionately large servings. It’s a judgement call and may take a little time to observe their weight and watch how they metabolise the food. You might like to check out this feeding guide for more.

But as a guide, we feed our rather large Labrador Dolly a bit more than 1/2 a cup of HDB a day (dry measurement). She also has about 200grams of fresh raw protein + veggies and this keeps her satisfied, active and slim with a nicely defined ‘waist’.

Can I add other foods? My dog loves extras!

Don't we all! Our dogs love it when we add little extras. They lap up the sweetness of steamed veggies (broccoli, peas & carrots for them), sardines canned in spring water, a dob of unsweetened yogurt, or a protein topper. The great thing is, they won't be overdosing on added artificial vitamins or anti-nutrients.

That said, what doesn't go into their mouths is also super important—like this stuff! If you still have a supply of kibble that clearly contains nasties, we recommend throwing it out.

What if my dog doesn't like it?

You could try adding an egg, honey, yogurt, or a few sardines—a gob of pure peanut butter works a treat!

Suggestions for transitioning are on the packet but you know your own dog, so just adapt and let them take all the time they need—gradually add and increase portions of something healthy that they love to their HDB. It's so worth the effort and don't worry, their gut will still be happy dancing, even with small amounts of HDB a day.

How much fat is in HDB?

This is asked relatively often, for dogs who are on low fat diets for a variety of reasons. Our food technologist estimates that HDB contains 8.65% fat (ie there are 8.65 grams of fat per 100 grams dry mix of HDB). But please note that these are not added fats, they're natural whole foods occuring.

Is HDB a holistically complete food?

For holistic (whole-body) nutrition, we recommend a meal a day of HDB + a meal of fresh raw human-grade meat and veggies.

Is HDB packaging recyclable?

Unfortunately it's not, yet. But we're making steady progress and hope to be able to offset the higher expense of sustainable packaging with efficiencies of scale before too long—without burdening our customers with the cost.

That said, one of the biggest contributors to the planet's carbon “pawprint” is what goes into dogs' bowls every day. And we're way, way ahead of the pack with that. The ingredients in HDB are simple and natural, and no toxic chemicals get passed through HDB dogs' bellies to the soil and waterways (also they don't release so much gas along the way, thanks to a healthy microbiome :)).

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