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No Nasties!!!

Dogs' lives are great when they have a happy tummy. They're affectionate, calm, and more able to give and receive love. But without the right nutrition, it can be an uphill battle!

In a barely regulated market that's dominated by four international corporations, many pet foods are toxic rather than beneficial and may include ingredients that are not in our food:

      • wheat, corn, soy
      • fillers (they're acidic and inflammatory)
      • preservatives
      • sugar / salt
      • rendered fats
      • artificial colours & flavours
      • artificial emulsifiers
      • artificial palatants (kibble coatings)
      • animals deemed not suitable for human consumption
      • slaughter & meal by-products (feathers, beaks etc)
      • chemicals
      • heavy metals (arsenic, lead etc)
      • excessive & unnatural vitamins/minerals
      • high-heat extrusion that denudes vitality
      • + the processing itself can lead to carcinogens and other nasties

The problem is, the gut can't discriminate. It has to absorb those nasties; they course through the blood stream and feed through to the joints, brain, nerves, skin and coat. Contaminated blood permeates all points and organs and causes disease, obesity, diabetes, skin allergies, nervousness—the list is long and the industry at large has a lot to answer for (just ask Dolly), google 'dog food recalls' for more.

There are zero toxicities in our food! Just everything to heal & nothing to harm.