"Food heals or food harms"

- Dr Karen Becker

When dogs are consistently fed a processed diet, they can appear to be healthy for a time. It's like feeding a child non-stop takeaways: they can handle it while they're young but as they approach maturity, the lack of nutrition or actual poisons in those foods inevitably break through the gut barrier, causing aching joints and degenerative diseases.

We're painfully aware that food heals or food harms, but in a barely regulated market dominated by four international corporations, many pet foods are toxic and will slowly poison your dog with ingredients like these:

Random fillers (they're acidic and inflammatory)


Sugar / salt (creating addiction & causing 'love' of food that harms!)

Rendered fats

Artificial colours & flavours

Artificial emulsifiers

Artificial palatants (kibble coatings, ugh!)

Animals deemed not suitable for human consumption (to put it politely)

Slaughter & meal by-products (feathers, beaks etc)


Heavy metals (arsenic, lead etc)

Excessive & unnatural vitamins / minerals

High heat extrusion that denudes vitality

Processing that can lead to carcinogens

Because the gut can't disriminate, it has to absorb whatever comes its way—and those nasties break through the gut barrier and find their way into the blood stream that feeds the joints, brain, nerves, skin and coat.

Contaminated blood permeates all points and organs, causing disease, obesity, diabetes, liver, pancreas & skin problems, nervousness—the list is long and the industry at large has a lot to answer for (just ask Dolly). Google 'dog food recalls' for more.

There are zero toxicities in Happy Dog Food—just everything to heal & nothing to harm.