How much difference can a bowl of food make?

To the planet, all the difference in the world. To your dog: same 💛

Meet your dog's new best friend!

Puppy to senior, the first difference you'll notice is sweeter breath + healthier poos! And it just gets better from there.
The extraordinary plant-based ingredients nourish their microbiome from top to bottom.


Every single ingredient and mm-mm mouthful of our Happy Dog Breakfast is 100% human grade and made from plants.

Bursting with gut-balancing vitality, it delivers happier playtimes, more restful sleep, more focused attention, increased calm and sharper mental agility.

Give it a try, if you're not over the moon happy with the results we'll refund in full.

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We are what we eat, and so are dogs!

The soluble and insoluble fibre in HDB (only available from plants) nourishes the gut and cleans out noxious trash. It supports the healthy bacteria that blanket your dog's microbiome, feeding the brain, calming anxiety and boosting their mood as well as their physical health.

Puppies grow strong, seniors are nourished, nervous dogs calm.

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HDB is packed with ingredients that reflect the diet that nature and evolution intended dogs to eat.

Nala's mum Nereida writes:

"My 6 year old German Shepherd hasn't looked back since changing to Hey Happy Dog at 2 years of age. Having owned 2 Shepherds previously, arthritis and hip displacer is always in the back of our minds. Nala was getting a bit chubby from feeding her grains so I wanted to get on top of this. Since changing her diet Nala slimmed down considerably to her Vet's delight, her coat became super shiny and she's so much more energetic. 4 years in and she hasn't looked back and neither have we. I can't recommend this product more highly."

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HDB is a muesli-like miracle of nature: simply add water!

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1 HDB meal a day

+ fresh meats & bones

= happy planet, healthy dog

A Jumbo bag lasts a small dog 6 months | medium dog 4 months | large dog 3 months (-ish)

Hey, Woof!

The snuggle is real, and so are doggy kisses. Enjoy! You won't need to turn the other cheek if they're HDB pups, it sweetens doggy breath at the core. That's Grace, snuggling with her dad, Justin.

Henry's mum, Lisa, writes: "Happy Dog Breakfast keeps my beautiful Henry ❤️ in great slim-and-trim show condition, with a healthy shiny coat."

Marley's mum, Bek, writes: "I always seek out the best nutrition for her to help her joints and overall wellbeing. I feel great knowing she is getting a high quality food."

Customer happiness guarantee 💛

We're here for you and your dog and we'll happily refund your money in full if you're not delighted with the Happy Dog Breakfast results.

A healthy planet 🌏🌿

Our ingredients are human-grade, chemical free and earth-friendly, all of which help to reduce climate change. But there's more we can do, we’re a work in progress.

The Hey Happy Dog Backstory

Our Dolly was close to paralysed with arthritis at only 18 months (!), but her body healed and her lifejoy returned after only weeks of changing her diet to what is now Happy Dog Breakfast.

And today, she's a beautiful 12-year-old senior. She's slowing down as she ages but remains totally pain free—and she's the happiest (+ still the twirliest) of Labradors.

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