Maremma puppy with dog food

We're reimagining what modern dogs eat.

Replacing one meal a day with delicious plant-based superfood. Food that could change their life forever.

Calming effect

Dog food that's good for the planet

Perfect For Pup & Planet

One plant-based meal a day is good for Mother Earth too! Happy dog, happy planet—pretty good combo, we reckon.


Life's Too Short Not To Love Your Food

And when your food loves you back, you're on a winner. HHD food not only tastes good, it is good.

The deliciousness comes from the natural sweetness of the ingredients, enhanced by rich beef-style vegetable broth (not from artificial palatants, sugars or fats, ugh!).

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Our Food Loves You, Too!

HHD is hassle-free feeding.

It's as easy to prep as a bowl of muesli—just add water, rest ever so briefly, serve it up!

Human grade means there's no chance of kids getting sick after leaning into 'sharing is caring' a little too much.

No refrigeration needed—it's super easy to give to the sitter or take with you on a trip around Australia.


Frequently Asked Questions

HHD is a very special muesli-like food that provides powerful plant-based human-grade nutrition.

It needs to be mixed with water, and fed once a day (there are lots of great options for the other meal of the day, we choose raw meats, bones and sometimes eggs for our dogs).

The HHD meal should comprise 25 - 30% of your dog's daily food calories.

The daily HHD meal's job is correcting and maintaining a balanced pH, which provides natural resistance to fleas, skin problems, parasites and many other issues that dogs are exposed to every day.

A balanced pH leads to a healthy digestive system, happy gut microbes, and strengthened immunity.

Team work makes the dream work, and the stars of all this are fibre, prebiotics, polyphenols, antioxidants and nutrients that can only be found in plants 🌱.

You might like to read Dolly's story to see where we started. And the ingredients list is here.

Here are some of the reasons pet parents love HHD:

Healthier weight

Better poops

Sweeter breath

Mealtime excitement

Shinier coat

More energy

More calm & focus

Fewer skin problems & 'hot spots'

Less joint and arthritis pain

Relief from itchy feet

More able to give and receive love

Less reliance on chemicals for fleas and worms

Fewer vet visits

Gut health starts at day one, and the first thing you'll notice is fresher breath & nicely formed poos. And no more farting!

If you have weight reduction goals, experience tells us that you can start to see results within a fortnight.

And customers report that coat, energy levels and mobility improve within days. Transformational change usually happens within a couple of months.

Long term, you'll spend less time at the vet and more time delighting in life with pupper!

You might like to read Scott's journey.

Home-alone dogs will benefit from a breakfast meal to keep them satiated and calm while their parents are away, but if your dog barks at the moon (so to speak), evening works best.

Dogs needs are wildly different—age, activity, health and general metabolism all impact—it's not just about their weight.

But as a very general guide: 1/4 cup dry mix for small dogs, 1/2 cup for medium dogs, 1 cup for large dogs.

Check out this feeding guide for more.

Fact is, the perfect diet for every dog or every human doesn't exist.

But if you're looking at choosing HHD as part of your dog's health protocol then the answer is yes—it's a gentle food that's wonderful for growing up, growing old, and everything in between. Because it's never too early or too late to give the gut a fresh, healthy start.

Don't give up too early :). It's a new taste & texture.

Just take it slow and mix a little bit of HHD with food that they do like until their bodies let them know that this is good for them. We pop a transition guide in with all first orders.

Our guarantee has no time limit and we don't mind how much food is gone from the packet—the outcome we want is a happy healthy dog.

We love it when we find like-minded dog parents. HHD is a great time saver for you, and it's a way of making sure your dog is getting everything they need. It's a bit like a fibre-packed vitamin pill that gives you peace of mind and your dog a delicious boost. We still add some home cooked goodness to our dogs' diets too.

If it's urgent: text Joan on 0412 222 133. Or reach out via our contact page. We're a very personal business, someone will reply same day ❤️.

Our Products

Amazing for dogs

Great For The Budget

Frug raised on Hey Happy Dog food

Bailey's a Frug. Dogs Bailey's size eat 1/3 cup daily so a Jumbo bag lasts about 136 days.

Staffy Labrador Hey Happy Dog food

Molly's a Staffy x Labrador. Dogs Molly's size eat 1/2 cup daily so a Jumbo bag lasts about 90 days.

Bull Arab x Great Dane with baby

Max is a Bull Arab x Great Dane. Dogs Max's size eat 3/4 cup daily so a Jumbo bag lasts about 45 days.

Nice Things People Say

Kajmytt Dachshund puppies

Helen G. My Breeder [Kajmytt Dachshunds] gave me my first packet of Hey Happy Dog to take home. Quincy & MacGyver can't wait for their breakfast of HHD + lactose free yoghurt and puppy milk.

Harley & Co Cavoodle puppies

Robyn M. Our gorgeous new Cavoodle puppy Archie is home. He had his first breakfast of Happy Dog and I’m happy to say he was a big fan! I thought it might take a little while to get used to but he gobbled it up 😊

Kislev Beagles puppies

Sharen B. As a breeder [Kislev Beagles], I always source the best of foods for my hounds and I am very happy to recommend HHD to all my puppy buyers. To have a healthy and happy ‘fur friend’ is the most important thing.

Labrador Dolly

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