Dogs are the best

They bring out the best in us, so we make food that brings out the best in them.


We obsess over your dog's microbiome. The amazing fibre & polyphenols in Happy Dog Breakfast are the workers behind a long and waggy life.

Human Grade

Dogs are our family and we wouldn't feed them anything we couldn't eat ourselves. This food is human grade all the way!

Only Good Grains

Zilch harmful fillers like wheat, soy and corn! No preservatives, no artificial junk. We abhor that stuff.

Good for them, easy for you

Happy Dog Breakfast is a super quick solution to breakfast—literally just add water. It keeps your dog satiated and settled till you get home.

Shinier, softer coats

HDB families notice healthier skin, shinier and softer coats—so good when you're curled up together.

Happy tummies, happy days

HDB reduces inflammation, settles tummies, and eases aching joints—just what older or unwell dogs need for a happy life.


Fibre that can only come from plants is our superpower. Fibre supports the healthy bacteria that blanket your dog's microbiome—and those healthier bacteria feed the brain, calming anxiety and boosting their mood as well as their physical health.

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Your dog (who we do all this for) will have cleaner blood to all organs, boosting their immune system for long term vitality. Their coat, energy levels and mobility will improve within days of transitioning to the new diet.

Transformational change usually happens within 2 to 3 weeks, and the first thing you'll notice is fresher breath and nicely formed poos.

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Each ingredient in HDB has a (delicious) medicinal purpose. When combined with raw meat and bones, it provides optimal health for your dog.
We recommend a daily diet of 65% fresh raw meats & veggies - 35% HDB.

Two formulas, Rose Hip & Original

A Jumbo 4.5kg bag will serve about ⭐️ 6 months' breakfast for a small dog ⭐️ 4 months for a medium dog, and ⭐️ 3 months-ish for a large dog. Feeding Guides Here

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We're dog people just like you, so HDB will always be good for the budget with a 100% money back guarantee if you're not delighted with the results.


Dogs need a healthy planet too 🌏🌿. Our ingredients are human-grade, chemical free and earth-friendly—and we support organisations that care and fight for dogs that are helpless and in need. We're a work in progress and continually striving to improve

Every dog's a celeb 🏅

This badge of honour belongs to Henry. His mum, Lisa, writes: "Happy Dog Breakfast keeps my beautiful Henry ❤️ in great slim-and-trim show condition, with a healthy shiny coat."

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Life, lived well

Senior dog Max has a daily serving of Happy Dog Breakfast and he's living his best life on his pawrents' farm.

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Dolly approves this message

Our Dolly was close to paralysed with arthritis at only 18 months. She fully and quickly healed, thanks 100% to what is now Happy Dog Breakfast—and today at 11-years-old, she's still pain free and the happiest (and twirliest) of Labradors.

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