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    At last! A food that rejuvenates & really feeds your dog.

Plant-strong Happy Dog Breakfast is like no other dog food!

Once you see what this 100% human-grade gut-enhancing food does for your dog, you'll never go dog-grade again. 

The fibre cleanses, the nutrients nourish, the gut balances. And when the gut is balanced, puppies grow strong, seniors are nourished, nervous dogs calm. Energy & focus return, blood sugar normalises, stiffness & aching joints are relieved. Weight stabilises, inflammation reduces. Skin & coat are healthier, breath & poos are sweeter!

Happy dance guaranteed!!!

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Easy peasy, simply add water...

The muesli-like dry mix is shelf stable, just measure straight into your doggy's bowl and mix with water. Let it sit for a bit (overnight is best), then serve it up. 

The delicious nutritious low GI breakfast will keep them content and full all day + boost their health for life! (That's Scott in the pic, you can read his story here.)

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It's the first thing you'll notice. Poos are healthier too, and that's a good thing all round!

See why HDB is so great

Good for dogs

We started with keeping our dog Dolly alive  and we're uber-happy that her amazing food is now saving and really feeding other dogs, physically and mentally. We might not have met your dog (yet) but we know we ❤️them, and that’s the reason we're here.

Good for you

We're dog people just like you, so our Happy Dog Breakfast is great for the budget. And we think you'll love the peace of mind (no worries if the kids eat it!), the healthier dog and the happier playtimes. Easy peasy mixing and more harmonious house sharing doesn't go astray either!

Made with love!

We are committed to evolving our ingredients, production and  packaging towards a light earth footprint, and to supporting organisations that care and fight for dogs that are helpless and in need.  We're a work in progress and continually striving to improve.

Wondering how much to feed?

The Jumbo bag has 90 half-cup servings. That's about 6 months' amazing breakfast for a small dog | 4 months for a medium dog | 3 months for a large dog. 
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Small dog

Jane weighs in at all of 4kg. A Shoodle (Shih Tzu x Poodle), she's a shop dog and a country dog, helping out in her family homewares shop and on the cattle property. She loves her 1/4 cup (dry measure) of HDB each day ... read more

Medium dog

Scott came to us 8 years ago, weighs about 26kg, the sweetest dog ever, likes to be feral, and no fence can hold him! He runs and swims in dams all day, and his breakfast is 1/2 a cup (dry measure) ... read more

Large dog

Lola is a big cuddle-puss. She weighs a whopping 65kg—her family had no idea that was coming when they puppy-rescued her! She only eats 1 cup (dry measure) of HDB because ... read more

Happy Dog Stories

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