We make the most beautiful food your dog's body could ever wish for!

This is fresh whole food exactly as nature intended: alkalising, gut balancing, rich with human grade nutrition.

Calming effect

Perfect for Pup & Planet

HHD food is made for dogs to feel good, but the environmental impact of just one furry family member eating just one plant-based meal a day is enormous!


Life's Too Short Not To Love Eating

We can all agree on that!

Our doggy deliciousness comes from the natural sweetness of the ingredients, enhanced by rich beef-style vegetable broth (not from artificial palatants, sugars or fats, ugh!).

Most dogs love it right away but it's still a new taste and texture, so transitioning and adding little extras for a while can be a good idea.


Puppies getting a great start in life ❤️💕!

Quincy & MacGyver

'My Breeder [Kajmytt Dachshunds] gave me my first packet of Hey Happy Dog to take home and my two dachshund puppies can't wait for their breakfast of Hey Happy Dog and lactose free yoghurt and puppy milk. And I know when they don't like something because they leave it or eat it very slowly. Not this, they love it.'
—Helen G.


'Our gorgeous new puppy is home [from Harley & Co Cavoodles]. He had his first breakfast of Happy Dog and I’m happy to say he was a big fan! I thought it might take a little while to get used to but he gobbled it up 😊'
—Robyn M.

Kislev Beagles

'I have always sourced the best of foods for my hounds and as a breeder I express to my puppy buyers the importance of this. I am very happy to recommend Hey Happy Dog to all my puppy buyers. What we feed to our hounds shows in their coats and to have a healthy and happy ‘fur friend’ is the most important thing. Not to mention that Hey Happy Dog is so convenient when travelling, especially for me as I travel to dog shows.'
—Sharen B.

Food That Loves People, Too!

Our food is human-grade and super natural, so there's no chance of a child getting sick after leaning into 'sharing is caring' a little too much!

It's as easy to prep as a bowl of muesli—just add water, rest ever so briefly, serve it up! And, because it's a dry mix, it's easy to take with you on a trip around Australia or to give to the sitter.

Plus, a healthy dog means sweeter breath and no gassy tummies—makes for a happier time all round :).


HHD is a natural meal-a-day food with simple ingredients. We suggest 30% formula—70% meat & bones (or as fresh & raw as you can manage) daily.

Bailey's a Frug.
Dogs Bailey's size eat 1/3 cup daily so a Jumbo bag lasts about 136 days.

Molly's a Staffy x Labrador.
Dogs Molly's size eat 1/2 cup daily so a Jumbo bag lasts about 90 days.

Max is a Bull Arab x Great Dane.
Dogs Max's size eat 3/4 cup daily so a Jumbo bag lasts about 45 days.


Ready to give this beautiful food a try?

The first thing you'll notice is fresher breath & nicely formed poos. No more farting is a welcome bonus!

If you have weight reduction goals, experience tells us that you can start to see results within a fortnight.

Energy levels and mobility usually improve within days.

Long term, you'll spend less time at the vet and more time delighting in life with pupper. As we did with our Labrador Dolly—you can read her story here ♡.

P.S. If it's your first time here, just enter 'firstorder' in the code box for free shipping on any size product. Plus, we'll pop an extra little packet of treats in with your order :).