Scott's story

Scott rescue cattle dog


Hi, I’m Scott and I'm Happy Dog Breakfast obsessed. I'm about 12 years old, and my family adopted me when I was a young adult. They say I’m a verrry good boy (okay, I do jump fences. and roll in stuff. but mostly I’m a very good 🐕).

I want to tell you about a tough time in my life. When I was wrecked. And couldn’t jump any fences at all. You see, I was bitten by a tick. I was paralysed for a week and my family cared for me and slept with me 24/7. I slowly recovered, but I couldn’t jump fences or even get up and down from my bed anymore. Actually, I hated moving at all, I was so sore and stiff.

Lucky for me (I am very lucky) I had this friend, Dolly, who was eating special food that kept her really healthy and strong and made her fun to play with. My family decided to try me on her food. They thought it might ease some of the pain and make me a bit more agile. Boy oh boy did it ever! After only two weeks, I was back to jumping fences.

Well that was many years ago, and I’m still eating Dolly's food and still jumping fences. High fences. I’ve seen a lot of life—and it sure is beautiful.

Scott 🖤


Scott rescue dog on floor 

From Scott's mum (Kim):

Scott’s response to eating Hey Happy Dog (HHD) was so quick and so dramatic that we actually thought it might all be a coincidence—so we took him off HHD and put him back on kibble, just to try it out. It took less than a week before he was in pain again and lying around all day not wanting to move. We did feel a bit guilty about that but went straight back to HHD, and he hasn't looked back.

He eats HHD for breakfast (and literally drools!), beef mince for dinner at night and a bone most weeks, along with whatever he can scrounge in the way of treats. He’s happy, healthy and agile. We also noticed that when he started on HHD his general anxieties reduced—we think, as a rescue dog, he had a rough life, but now he's settled a lot and is far less anxious.

Update 2023: Scott's a senior now, he's doing great but having a lot of trouble with his eyesight. It has slowed him down, but he still finds his way out through any fence, and he's still a big-time survivor—he was bitten by a snake last year and shook it off!

P.S. I'm part of the Hey Happy Dog family, and I'd love nothing more than for every dog to be eating this wonderful food. 💛🐕🐾🐾