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About Us

Hello and welcome!

We love dogs and we deeply care about the health and wellbeing of yours and ours.

They're the mirrors of our lives, hearts outside our bodies, the great teachers, the great lovers of the universe. We love it when they wake up every morning full of life joy, and we're doing our best to keep that happening.

Our flagship product is the 100% human-grade Happy Dog breakfast. It's our passion and privilege to deliver a food that's literally a lifesaver for dogs and for the planet.

We also offer high quality bespoke (and gorgeous!) lifestyle products. They're designed for dogs—small and large, purebred and mixed, stray and rescue, hardworking and pampered—but they feel great and look great for pet-families and friends too.

We're a proudly Australian owned business with four paws-on founders and, when you count the grandkids, three generations of family are involved. We're based in Samford Valley, Queensland, Australia, and we thankfully contribute 10% of our proceeds to helping dogs in need.

You can reach out to us for any reason at all by calling or texting: +61 0412 024 637 (Kim), email or catch up at a market.

Sending warmest wishes and lots of high fives your way 💛!

Kim, Petie, Lee and Joan
Co-founders and always-proud pet parents of five furry helpers.

We picked the job descriptions to match their personalities, they turned out to be just perfect :)

Credits: Our thanks to photographers extraordinaire Justin Veenema (Huey the rescue dog on our home page), Lindsay Hood (her Isabelle and Roxie also on our home page) and Tearah Fox (her own inimitable Frank here), for freely contributing their beautiful images.