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Hey! Rosehip 🌹 enriched option now available! Shop for it here  (+ save 5% on recurring orders )

Happy Dog Breakfast


Hello! Just dropping in with a few words about the new Rosehip product line—we’ve been working on it for ages, so we’re very chuffed that it has finally happened! It’s the same HDB base with all the good grains, veggies and supplements, but we’ve added 100% pure Rosehip granules. They’re sweet tasting so won’t affect your dog’s taste buds, but they’re an awesome addition for joints, skin/coat and overall wellbeing.

The original formula is still brilliant of course, and we’ve also made a small change there. The shark cartilage has been removed (in response to our own and several customers’ ethical and environmental concerns—our cartilage has always been sourced from local catches, but even those sharks are now on the endangered list) and the bone broth has been increased.

Still the same promise—we want you and your dog to be happy for a very, very long time so if you're not delighted with Happy Dog Breakfast results after a fair trial, we'll gladly refund in full!

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