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Jumbo Economy Pack 4.5kg (free shipping)


Jumbo 4.5kg

As a guide, there are 90 half-cup servings in this pack. (Generally speaking, that's 180 meals for a small dog and 90 meals for a medium dog.)

That's our Dolly on the package cover. She's been eating Happy Dog Breakfast as part of her raw food diet for 7 years (she's 9 y/o now), and her everyday life-joy is still boundless.

This natural wonder food is designed with love by humans, totally deserved by dogs. Vitalised, full of nutritional value and abundant in natural fibre, it helps friendly gut flora to increase, digestion to become more efficient, and poos to become less smelly. Which is a good thing all round!

Preparation is as easy as one two three. Directions are on the package, but basically you mix the dry food with water, leave it overnight if possible or for minutes if need be, and serve. Yum! 

The powerful 100% raw human-grade ingredients are:
  • barley flakes
  • rolled oats
  • chia seeds
  • shredded coconut
  • bone broth
  • carrot
  • parsley flakes
  • glucosamine sulphate
  • shark cartilage
  • minerals (zinc oxide, calcium phosphate)

Why not add some tasty treats to your order? Try the fabulous chicken breast or perhaps roo, lamb & beef. They're all so good!

And don't forget to tell your dog bon appetit from their biggest fans! 🐕❤️